Liberte! Egalite! Cabaret! PART DEUX! – a fundraising event for The Queer Alternative

The Queer Alternative is back with their second cabaret event to raise funds for Pride in London and beyond.

Acts include:
*PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL — Steampunk icon, Gentleman Rhymer and Chap-Hop artist extraordinaire
*THE DYKENESS — Intergalactic feminist cock rock
*LAURENCE OWEN — Musical comic with a dry and perverse wit
*ANGEL LaVEY — Comedic chanteuse and burlesque artist
*JACQUES BRUXELLES — Stand-up comic and boylesque performer
*WHISKEY ROXX — Gorelesque with a shot of the macabre
*NIGEL OSNER — Vampire cabaret
*MISTER MEREDITH — Lewd dandy charmer
*ERNESTO SAREZALE — Velvet tongue

Frankie D (Slimelight, Flag Promotions),
Andy RavenSable (Monster Truck)
Scott (Alternative Bring and Buy)


TICKETS ARE £10 adv from


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#lcw14 Benares

Vodka, curry leaves, sugar, lemon, ginger

A pleasant albeit predictable spice drink. A bittersweet aftertaste but the sip itself is enjoyable


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#lcw14. MASH

Woody Woodpecker: buffalo trace bourbon, peach, walnut, maple

Layered and beautiful. Buffalo trace melts into a semisweet peach and then falls into a nutty finish.

Flawless service and divine surroundings.

Wonderful tartare and tempura.



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#lcw14 Mele e Pere

This venue has been on the list for a while.

Strawberry vermouth (Dolin), limoncello, cassis

Not as sickly sweet as you would think; some likened it to a negroni. A subtle, fruity drink with a citrus nose and tangy end.



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#lcw14 COLD distillery.

Impeccable service. Great Tour cocktail (white Martinez). Brilliant consultation on bespoke drinks. Would return.




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#lcw14 St Barts Brewery

Stay at home and drink sherbet. No.

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#lcw14 Bistrot Bruno Loubet

No. Cancelling an extra drink 15 seconds later does not mean we should be forces to drink it. Shades away from Zetter Townhouse which is not 10 feet away.

Reasonable drink ruined by awful service.


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#lcw14 @buffalotraceuk pop up

On with the photos. My favourite spirit, outstanding drinks. Flawless.




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#lcw14 Grand Marnier at Cecil’s Basement

Very impressive presentation. Many of us went off scope and ordered full price drinks. Pour moi c’est le Sidecar. Un de mes cocktails préférés.

With a live jazz band and private tasting session easily one of my favourite pop-ups at the three years of London Cocktail Week I have attended. (First photo poached from




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#LCW14 The Hide

Rum, homemade wine reduction, Campari

Best served hot for a wonderful autumnal toddy

IMG_2745-0.JPG au


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