Archive: 05 December 2006

Kelly and I decided to ditch our last Sexual Difference lecture today and do some window shopping. Leeds was surprisingly un-busy for t – 20 days. After some meatball baguettes and chocolate truffle cheesecake(jesusgod!) in Brodericks, we went for a quick walkyshop around the The Corn Exchange

THEY HAVE A SHOP THAT SELLS REAL CORSETS NOW. albeit, not a massive range, but enough for me to get a fix of pretty things before returning to the motherland next week. they also had a suede leopard print underbust corset for £115. must tell Laura. They largely seemed to be Vollers corsets, but reeealy cheap ones. The shop’s called something like Gosh or Gash or something.

Next we went to have a look around the Victoria Quarter (sorry if you were working today Mof, I totally forgot to visit!), specifically some sexually expensive things at Rose&Co, before trotting round Zara and Topshop (i just typed Hollyoaks there – hi Freud!) to look at the bacofoil leggings and polyester..creations. Surprisingly no pretty things in Zara. poop.

Went to Oasis, saw pretty cardigan on mannequin, could not find buyable version, went to House of Fraser, saw cardigan, decided it was ugly. I did however see a very pretty grey and black zebra print dress which i’ll get when i receive the ££ i’m owed for NINtour2007.

After going through the Merrion Centre with a fine tooth comb, we finally found Cyanide Cocktail. It was a little understocked to say the least. According to our friend Steph, who works for/with the owner, a big shipment is on it’s way. I doubt I’ll be in town for another few months, so maybe my next trip in will be more worthwhile.

All in all, a perfectly frivolous day. Which was probably in order seeing as i’m between thesis revisions right now.

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