Archive: 05 January 2007

The New York Times has a quirky little article about ‘affordable’ things to do in London.

A good rule of thumb is “if it costs a dollar in New York, it costs a pound in London” (though, of course, there are nearly two dollars in a pound). In fact, perhaps the best advice of all is: Don’t do the math while spending pounds; it will only make you queasy. Nonetheless, you can still ferret out a few bargains.

And they have some strange suggestions. Apparently, the Berkeley Hotel is the place to go for bargain food, at just £30 per person for lunch or £80 for dinner. Hmmm, doesn’t seem to be listed in our copy of Time Out Cheap Eats.

Hmm indeed.  Last time I ate out in London it cost £30 for two people at dinner time, and that included desserts and cocktails.  AND it was just off Piccadilly Circus.  Mind you, if the tourists want to throw their money at us, fair enough!
Also, it seems that Chip and Pin isn’t as secure as we thought.  At least it gives the assistants something to do when it’s quiet.

That’s right, I’ve updated my Sage subscriptions!

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