Archive: 06 May 2007

I have equal love and hate for Spitalfields market.  Love for the great picking-at-bits-of-food-ness and the fact that I am guaranteed to find something I like.  Hate for all the touristy crowds and pretentious “I am so bohemian but I’m from Hackney” hags that populate the market on a Sunday.  The teenygoths have camden, and  the fashion victims have Spitalfields, I suppose.  The penguin classics bookstall made up for that part though – I could have easily spent hundreds there today had it not all gone on ebay in the past week.  At least I managed to snag a Handmade Bargainous Summer Skirt.

This trip home has been too long.  And it’s been a bit of a bizzare one.  I’ve spent as much time in town (which reminds me – also went to the British Museum today to scrub up on my Enlightenment) as I have on here negotiating trades and sales for my NIN collection.  Perhaps I’m a little aware that this will be the last time I’m going to be here before I end my course, and tomorrow is the last time i’ll be going back to Leeds to do work.  The Last Time.  I won’t have the excuse not to find a more permanent job because I’ll be starting the next level of my education in September (cheers top-up-fees!).  It’s a little like i’ll be springboarding off into a new dimension – new home, new friends (no friends?), new vocation, new life.  I went to the Kylie Exhibition on Friday, and it was very hard to restrain the 3 year old in me.  Being 3 was awesome.  These times they are-a changing, or whatever Bob Dylan said (what was I saying about faux-bohemians? *insert soft cell lyrics here*)

Hm.  In other news, I saw a Purina advert with the tagline “Her fur feels so silky”.  Internet humour kicked in and I wanted cat food.

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