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Woolstock Festival – The Mixing Tin and Joseph’s Well, Leeds 8-10.12.06
Goth types flock together for festival fun

First Night

Lesbian Bed Death – The only thing i really remember about this band was that the lead singer kissed a girl in the audience, which probably speaks volumes about the music…

Way of All Flesh
– A trad goth band from Sheffield, but not your usual doom and gloom trad goth. It was quite entertaining, in spite of the fact that I didn’t know any of the songs (which usually stops me from enjoying a show). Besides a pretty good cover of White Wedding, many of the songs weren’t terribly memorable, but induced a lot of toe-tapping. There was a lot of energy there.

Zombina and the Skeletons
– Just what the name implies – kooky creepy 50s throwback stuff. The songs were quite decent, if a bit typical of that sort of music. I think that their lyrical content was the best of the night – they’ve currently got a free Christmas download that i’d really recommend. The only thing i didn’t like was that the singer did that whole turning-her-lips-up-playing-with-her-hair-i’m-just-like-karen-o thing, which was pretty damn annoying.

Ghost of Lemora – I really thought that this band would be some dusty crap, and as they didn’t come on stage until midnight i was considering going home early as i was pretty tired by that point. I’m glad I didn’t because they turned out to be excellent. Think King Adora/early Placebo with phat beats and vocals that i can’t really give a comparison for – certainly not your usual Robert Smith copycat style. The guy could really sing. I strongly recommend you seek out a download.

Second Night
I didn’t get there in time to see Rhombus.

Zeitgeist Zero – I’d seen them once before supporting Killing Miranda, and I’d forgotten how good they were. They’re the sort of band that can get easily confused with that mid-90s Spooky Marilyn Manson business, but I think they were far better. They had the right mix of electronica, guitars, and everyone’s favourite, the PHAT beats.

NFD – I didn’t know anything about this band before the gig, but a lot of people that I know had said good things about them, so I was expecting something good. They played what i can only describe as ROCK!!! (capitalisation and exclamation marks necessary) which balanced out all the two step stuff quite well. Probably not something I’d look into, but if they were the sort of band that got played on the radio, I’d turn up the volume and go “Fuck Yeah”.

Inkubus Sukkubus – really, they were the band I least enjoyed throughout the whole festival. I don’t know if it’s because they took an hour to set up two guitars and a drum machine, or if it’s because all the songs just sounded the same. It all had the same formula and the delivery felt almost mechanical. I, and probably most of the second row, was too busy watching the debaucherous antics of the front row to pay much attention after the first hour.

All in all, it was well worth my £12. Woolstock is still running, and into its 5th Season for more details

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