Archive: 12 October 2007


Arrive at JFK.  Take the Airtrain and E line to Lexington Avenue, where we’re staying.  Wind down, shower, change
Walk around the shops by the hotel, which is a bizzare mix of designer, mid-range, and bargain bin, and includes Borders, Bloomingdales, H&M, Sephora, and Daffy’s
Find out Bloomingdales is ass expensive, much like every other department store in the city.  However, it has affordable restaurants.
Dinner at TGI Fridays – we wanted something quick and familiar

Breakfast at Starbucks.  Server is retarded and doesn’t understand when my mum, a native french speaker, pronounces croissant.
Walk around the 50s of Park, Madison, and Fifth.  See Radio City, the Apple Store and Goodman’s.
Buy Citypass
Visit the Museum of Modern Art.  It is all kinds of awesome, though should really be called the Museum of Modernist Art.
Walk down Fifth Avenue, browsing, up to 34th Street.  Share a Ceaser wrap because portions there are massive, and take the tube to Greenwich Village.
Are confused by the streets there.  Walk up and down Bleecker Street looking for the US Year Zero vinyl.  $37 well spent.
Retire to hotel
Visit the Empire State Building.
Are late for meeting friends from ETS
Eat at a righteous oriental buffet
Walk downtown
Go to Crash Mansion to see Funeral Crashers live.

Take the Manhattan Circle line cruise after breakfast in our room.
Taxi it through the Upper West Side and Central park to the Metropolitan Museum
Wait 12 hours for some pasta and truffle cake.  Got lost in the Met (it’s like the British Museum but shit), buy a book on Fashion and Modernity in the gift shop
Trot round a few shops in the vicinity, eat philly cheese steak for dinner

Visit Chelsea and its antique shops.  Bought a Josephine Baker lithograph
Go to interesting row of shops read about in the NY Spiral Guide where Postman Pat is seen, and a rykodisc, and two books (on film music and cynicism in postmodernity) are purchased
Walk to Union Square and shop at the often-come-across-on-ebay Forever 21.  IT IS AWESOME.  It’s like Primark but…nice.
Turn into the East Village.  Find a shop selling Lip Service, but hideously overpriced.
Turn into St Marks Place.  Shops are filled with things sold in Camden 10 years ago.  Do see some ridiculously cheap LS (swept away silk), but not in my size.
Get bored, eat ridiculously big pancake.  Ambrosia
Return to Hotel
Take advantage of CityPass discount and go to Brasserie.  Order Fillet Mignon avec Frites, with a Margherita for dessert.  Nom.

Breakfast Uptown.  Almost can’t find the Guggenheim for all the scaffolding.
Visit the Guggenheim Museum.  Interesting in several ways.
Spend a few hours walking West through Central Park.  The Great Lawn, Belvedere Castle, the Shakespeare Garden, and Strawberry Fields.  Drink expensive water whilst being entertained by boho hobo types.
Have a late lunch at Le Train Bleu in Bloomingdale’s.  Note that it is actually Le Train Vert.  Ate…risotto.  Free desert thanks to CityPass.
Walk around a bit more, and return to hotel.
French Manicure and Foot Reflexology (my achilles heel on my left foot started to ACHE that morning) for hella cheap.

Visit World Trade Centre site.
Shop at Century 21
Visit Macy’s
Have coffee and chat with frankieteardrop
Walk around Times Square.  Some apparently famous singer walks out of a hotel, and there are crowds of bodyguards and fans there.
Purchase discount tickets to Avenue Q at the TKTS booth (works out as full price for the London equivalent!)
Book a table at Italian Restaurant.
Return to Hotel, Change
Dinner at Italian Restaurant.
Walk around Times Square.  Some apparently famous sports star is in the MTV shop.
Taxi back to the hotel.

Pack, Check out, leave bags with porters.
Go to SoHo, eat breakfast.
See architecture with character
Zig Zag between Broadway, West Houston Street, and Grand Street.  Find another Forever 21, a couple of other midly interesting shops and the also often-come-across-on-ebay anthropologie.  It is also fantastic, and the skirt that i’ve been looking for for 3 months is purchased.
Light lunch at Pret a Manger, wander around 3rd Avenue, purchase a book on Foucault by Baudrillard, and a Jean-Paul Sartre autobiography.
Taxi to the most boring airport terminal ever, flight home.

I woke up at 4pm today!

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