Archive: 14 December 2006

It’s excellent to be back in london.  The first thing i did when i got into Victoria was make a beeline for the Wasabi stall. 8 pieces of salmon and tuna sashimi and two pieces of cuttlefish nigiri later, i was home.

the next day we took a trip to King’s Road, starting with Peter Jones, with the aim of walking up to Vivienne Westwood’s shop at the other end. We seem to have underestimated the length of the road, as about a few kilometers past Brompton Road we decided to hop on a bus and go back to Sloane Square so that we could take the tube to Kensington for lunch. We went to a fantastic Italian place called Dino’s which is just a few doors past Crabtree and Evelyn on the little side road just before Pizza Hut, if you ever find yourself in the area. We couldn’t be arsed to do the high street shopping thing as we live in Croydon and there’s currently late night shopping on every night until NYE (which, incidentally, is our plan for the day). So we hopped on the Piccadilly line up to t’Circus and had an amble up Regent Street towards Carnaby Street and Liberty. But not before we bought a cookie from the High St Kensington station branch of Ben’s Cookies. Chocolate and Praline melt.

Oh, the sights I did see! Wedgewood Peter Rabbit, the Mad Hatter blowing bubbles, Vanilla perfume out of the body shop, the soho street branch of the Hare Krishnas doing their evening chant! Ok, we didn’t take full advantage of what was on the street, but we’d already done our looking-at-shit-we-can’t-afford thing in Hugo Boss. Anyway, detour through Kingly Court where the pretentious vintage clothing be, a rummage through Whittard to discover that the nettle tea had run out, and up to the fourth floor of Liberty’s to buy some xmas treats.


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