Archive: 17 January 2007

I’ve been reading back issues of the Londonist Back Passages series.  It fills me with Nostalgia and Glee.  I love how, just by turning any street corner in London, you can enter a completely different environment.  Probably why I love the Seven Dials area so much.  I remember taking a short cut from Bond Street tube station to Soho where I was meeting my mum for dinner, so as to avoid the tourist-fest that is Oxford Street, and ending up re-discovering Mayfair.  Alas, I did not see Stephen Fry or Prince Harry, but it was fun to pretend that I was rich for a bit, and have the sort of stupid grin on my face that only comes with going on an adventure through half-familiar territory.

All the better if you’re doing it with someone who remembers the London of yesteryear.  I revisited this old friend on my last wondering:

It once was the view from my Mum’s office, in a hospital, down a sidestreet, off Kingsway.  A building which itself has become a part of the LSE.

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