Archive: 2 October 2005

Killing Miranda 01/10/05


I think that was the first show I’ve been to where the support was better than the live act. Screaming Banshee Aircrew were pretty good, fun stage show, and i like the band who were on before them. Whose name I forget

But Killing Miranda did not translate their music into a live format very well at all.
I think they could have done more with their act, actually done something with the electronic music, and made it look like i was seeing a well-established goth band, not a band who seemed to be playing to themselves.

Perhaps in future they should tell jokes to the audience with the CD playing in the background.

Going to see Alec Empire play in the same venue in 10 days time. Hopefully he’ll dispell feelings that I never want to see another gig in Joseph’s Well again.
Addendum: The first act on stage were Zeigeist Zero, and Alec Empire was fantastic.

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