Archive: 21 January 2006

Two things are similar with MyRuin and Nine Inch Nails – they make consistently good, honest music, and they can’t seem to get on with any fucker. Never have i seen either front person more vibrant and fierce than on their current tours. This is the first time Tarrie has had an all-male backing, and for the first time it seems right. Her stage presence is very masculine, her body language becoming sexual only through the fact that she is a woman – the clichés of which she constantly tries to avoid. She went on about her fat arse, and when someone wolf whistled, she insisted it was for the drummer.

There was a good mixture on this tour – Tarrie held my hand for the first song, which I didn’t know seeing as its on the first album, I cried a little during “RockStar” (a song she sang to the heavens), and was so fucking glad to hear Heartsick. The my beautiful flower/sanctuary/haemorrhage medley was inspired. Unconvential cover of the evening came from a cover of Mudhoney’s “Touch Me I’m Sick”.

I went home with a buzz and craving chips

Oh, and i was front stage center, of course

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