Archive: 21 September 2007

  • There isn’t much good television on right now in the UK. Two of my favourite shows are QI and the IT Crowd. They’re both on tonight. Both on at 10pm. UH OH! Well, not really. They’ll both be recorded by Virgin Media’s Catch-up TV on Demand service, so I’ll still be able to see both in the same night. I will, however, have the tough decision of which to watch first…
  • From last night’s Moleskin

So i’ve finished reading Benjamin’s Illuminations. I’ve always liked his stuff, since I was made to read some of his work a coupel of years ago at uni. He doesn’t bullshit – i like that. He may not be the greatest Modernist or Frankfurt School critic, but he gives you a really go insight into that inter-war era…you get a good sense of the social and political shifts in that part of the world at that time.

I never really got my head around the whole Baudelaire thing. I gather he’s regarded as some sort of later francophone Keats or something, but all I wever got from him was Dandyish Ponce. I picked up Les Fleurs Du Mal in Mauritius, however, so I’ll be starting on that next, and taking it to NY.

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