Archive: 23 February 2006

Quite Interesting facts about Japan 

If you’re trying to find an address in Japan, don’t necessarily rely on the taxi driver unless you know the landmarks in the area as well.

The Japanese don’t have addresses such as 21B Baker Street, but they have addresses such as at at <“suburb” or city sector>

The streets don’t have names and it’s almost impossible to find somewhere based on an address alone. Each ‘town’ or district is divided into numbered zones (chomay). These are subdivided into blocks which are then sometimes further divided into numbered buildings, possibly with a room number. In practice, people give directions using landmarks. Even taxi drivers can’t find an exact address from only the way it’s written.

It used to be worse though. At least now, the building numbers at least roughly correspond to their location; they used to refer to their year of construction.

Source – a British resident of Japan.

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