Archive: 23 June 2006

The Friday Night Project and other oddities  

After a day of shopping, lunching, and salon de the ing with my mum, i met up with Danni and headed into Waterloo to meet Owen and Christo for the filming of the Friday Night Project. Christo was right to queue a little early – when we got there it was the size of the Astoria queue at about 3pm. We debated ditching the whole thing and going to the pub, but i’m glad we decided to stick it out. The filming lasted about 3 hours, and was pretty un-tiresome, apart from the big shiny lights in my eyes. Placebo were on set for 90% of the filming, and i could actually SEE them during their performance! Watch the show tonight to see Owen and Christo trying to impress Patsy Kensit! There were very few retakes, and the warm-up comedian started a dance-off between the two halves of the audience to entertain us between costume changes and takes.

I know of a few people whose notions of television would have be utterly shattered had they participated in the filming of a TV show like this.

After the show, we headed back to the station to meet Tim and Manga Lookin’ Missy for a few drinks. After a short walk over the Thames into Soho we headed to Ye Olde Blues Bar for some *insert blues phrase here* fun. Luff the London grotty dives!

For some reason, Oxford Circus Tube was shut early, so we had to nightbus our way to Clapham Junction and get a Taxi home. Considering a black cab ride from Croydon to my house is £11, I found the £27 fee we incurred quite a bargain!

This is all I really remember – most of the gaps have Brian Molko’s face in them. Which is nice.

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