Archive: 23 November 2005

Leeds RockSoc club night – I had the 11.30-12.30 slot. And I forgot to write it down.

Here are some of the songs i played in some rough order

Pantera – Cowboys from Hell
Iron Maiden – Can I play with madness?
Queen – Stone Cold Crazy
Murderdolls – people hate me
My Ruin – Blasphemous Girl
Queen Adreena – Pretty Like Drugs
Lacuna Coil – Halflife
Placebo – Taste in Men
alec empire – gotta get out
drowning pool – bodies
Alice Cooper – Poison
Jack Off Jill – Strawberry Gashes
Muse – Cave

and some other stuff. I can’t remember.

In future must remember to play MSI lostprophets weezer and sabbath (ran out of time).

9-10 was a block of classic rock, 10-11 was a block of metal 10.30-11.30 was a block of goth. I dont think its a good idea because it alienates part of the audience for a large chunk of the evening.

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