Archive: 23 October 2007

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Mindless Self Indulgence – Manchester Academy 2 22.10.07


Mindless Self-Indulgence were a band that I first caught wind of in 2004, flicking through Shoutcast Radio at the start of my university life. So it was quite fitting to see them live a few months after my graduation.


The support act were Far From the Dance, a funky indie guitar act whose music picked up as their set went on. Not terribly captivating, but a good bonus to something I was already looking forward to.


As for MSI, I don’t think i’ve ever seen a more energetic performance. Imagine a live show, circus act, and stand-up comedy show rolled into one. The songs sound even fresher, tighter, and even more “fucking BADASS” live. Clarissa, Jimmy Page, Shut Me Up, and even a lip-synched rendition of “There’s No Business Like Show Business” provided 75 minutes exciting stimuli. As those who’ve heard their live output “Alienating our Audience” may expect, there was a lot of crowd-baiting and down-right insult, which came across as rather refreshing in the face of the fan-pandering that I’ve seen at a lot of live shows. Despite the front few rows of the crowd being (surprisingly) full of screaming young girls, there was a really good “community feeling” in the room, with an ecclectic mix of people. All in all, a damn well entertaining show.



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