Archive: Dresden Dolls Glasgow ABC 25.08.05

or should that be dresden doll?  i was pretty annoyed when Brian said he  wasn’t coming back to finish the uk dates, and i momentarily didn’t want to go anymore.  but i was not disappointed whatsoever.  the fact that there was next to no scenery, no barrier, and we could sit on the stage if we wanted, turned “brechtian punk cabaret” into a one-woman ball of emotion and turmoil.   i rarely missed the drums at all.

it was a really intimate performance, only mildly put off by the sound of bar staff and people in the booths during “perfect fit”.

The ampersand song was played, something that Amanda said would probably never leave the room, and i kind of hope it stays that special a song.  Amanda refused to play War Pigs because it sounds rubbish without the drums, but she did play Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah, which i thought was more appropriate to the performance.  I got a video clip of it but no where to host it.

we didn’t catch the first suport act, but the second were some andrew wk lookalikes whose names i forget.  a Scottish band who pretended to be American and making comments about how “we saved your asses in world war two”  pretentious dicks so boring that people started playing thumb wars and the hand slappy game.

great gig in a great city.  i still crave seafood and miso soup.

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