Monday Morning Musings

…on my favourite muse of all, London town.

  •  London’s drinking water as good as, if not better than, bottled water.  Does this prove that bottled water is a scam, or has the country been misjudging our capital’s filter system?  Either way, I’m one of those that hit the bottle every time in this respect, so if I’m not losing out through taste and still get to keep the money, I am all for it
  • English is the minority language in over 1,300 schools.  Not as shocking as it may seem, though.  While English is spoken by most pupils in these schools, a lot of children do not consider it their first language, and therefore struggle towards the start of their English education.  Labour’s “open door” immigration policy is being held accountable.
  • Due to a meeting in Kings Cross this morning, I was transported through the new St Pancras station.  Being ‘anglo-francophone’, an ‘ anglo-francophile’, and in tandem between the two countries, I was pleased to see what a stellar job had been done.  A stunning modern structure that paid complement to its older surrounding, creperies next to tea houses, and a multilingual environment in the heart of a booming cultural hotspot.  It was almost moving to hear the next train announced in French. Thameslink trains will be stopping in this station from now on, and I am glad.

My meeting was in the British Library, where….more about that later

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