Newcastle is the noisiest place in England.

Articles like this, and the launch of the new BBCi player are reasons why the beeb’s website have been at the top of my hitlist over the festive season.

  • ParisBlog comments on the decreasing power of the US dollar:

“J’ai pas un kopeck,” is a French expression for, “I haven’t got a dime.”
“J’ai même pas un roupie (rupee),” would be even worse, as in, “I haven’t got a penny,” or, “I’m really bloody broke.” That is until today, now that even India is rejecting the dollar and demanding that all tourists pay entry to sites such as the Taj Mahal in rupees because they were losing money in the exchange. How embarrassing. Olivier is laughing, teasing me saying he’s gonna hang a sign around my neck, “For Sale. Cheap.” And the French will soon be saying, “J’ai pas un dollar.”
Sniff. Oh where oh where can it be?

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