The France Show 2008

Despite this weekend’s tube closure, I was able to get down to The France Show at Kensington Olympia this weekend. (Good old Watford Junction train). Apparently, this was the best attended run in 5 years, so I suspect could not have been the only one.

It seemed to cover all aspects of French life – there were property exhibits and motorhome raffles for the expendible incomes, a variety of wine and cheese tasting stalls for the stereotype lovers, and literary masterpieces at bargain prices for the francophiles such as myself. Even Jean-Christophe Novelli came along for a culinary masterclass.

A new discovery was also made today, that of Olive Oil Chocolate (bloody hell, I can’t even find a link!). Made with almond powder, it provides a very self-convincing “healthfood” argument.

After some lunch at Le Pain Quotidien, I purchased a few books in South Ken (which you can’t not visit after a French exhibition) – Sartre’s Les Mots, Barthes’ Mythologies and Derrida’s L’écriture et la Différence

This was also the day that I booked my Eurostar ticket to Paris, to see the opening show of Kylie Minogue’s new tour.

I have fed the colonial frog in me.

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