Tonight’s Morrissey Show Postponed

When Morrissey took to the stage this evening, it quickly became apparent that somethin was amiss – indeed, he got the audience to sing most of the third song. After a ten minute break, David Walliams, Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross informed the audience that Moz wouldn’t be returning to perform tonight. Brand was promptly bottled.

Tickets will remain valid for a rescheduled date TBC. It is unclear whether the rest of Morrissey’s residency at the Roundhouse in Camden will be postponed also.

From a spectator perspective, the silver lining far overshadows the cloud. I still have the anticipatory buzz of seeing Morrissey live, I essentially got three extra songs for the price of my (face value!) ticket, I saw Russell Brand being hit by things, and walked to the tube station afterwards with Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant.

Tomorrow, Henry Rollins.

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