The Tube

tourist tube

Confusing tourists on the Tube – we’ve all thought about it at one time or another, but something in the British psyche stops us at the last moment.

Due to a tramlink hiccup this morning, I found myself taking the tube from Victoria station to work (Barbican) instead of taking the Thameslink. It all seemed like an average enough journey to work until I walked down those stone steps to the ticket barrier and made my way to the Victoria line platform. The thing about the Underground at rush hour is that, no matter how promptly you get there, you will miss your tube. And the next one. You may arrive at 8.30, but it will not be until 8.45, when two tubes have gone past and you are finally (dangerously) close to the yellow line that you will be able to step into a carriage. Though step wasn’t quite the word for me this morning – I floated in, squashed between 5 or so businesspeople.

Must remember to change at Brixton if this happens again.

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