My Ruin, Islington Academy, 2nd February 2008

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“I have something to say…I’m a little hoarse”

Oh dear, not again. Tonight was the final show of My Ruin‘s latest tour in support of their new album Throat Full of Heart, so perhaps a little understandably, screamer Tarrie B’s vocal chords may be suffering a little. But the show went on, with a barely noticeable change in vocal quality from the Bradford show I attended in 2005.

It was a show both brutal and intimate as always. The band knew most of their tight-knit fanbase by name, which allowed them to showcase a lot of their newer songs without alienating the crowd. This serves as a benefit for long-time fringe admirers like myself, as every My Ruin show feels like the first – you experience the music with fresh ears and are blown away by the talent and dedication of this band. One could mistake guitarist Mick Murphy’s instrument for his beating heart as he plays every chord and arpeggio completely immersed in the music.

We were treated to a slightly obscure gem tonight – a rendition of Manhole’s Hypocrite – in celebration of the fact that original Manhole drummer Marcelo Palomino was back behind the kit on this tour, and neatly tying in the fact that 12 years later they can still put on a stellar performance.

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