Toot Toot!

The NIN Hotline were recently looking for contributors to deal with the recent surge in news.  I offered, and got a reporter account.

Some information about the website:

The NIN Hotline has existed since June 1999 thanks to a revolving cast of awesome characters. We’ve been quoted in USA Today, interviewed on KROQ’s Kevin & Bean show, our now defunct radio station was in Spin Magazine. (Swindley talked to Rolling Stone, but that was technically about ETS.) We dominated the 2006 debut of Band Madness sending more traffic than CollegeHumor and Stereogum, and left our marks on radio and television stations around the world in early 2007. We get as many page views as Wonkette with only a third of the readers. (This is the part where I encourage you to advertise on this site) In 2005, we made the The British Telecom Online Music Awards’ People’s Choice Award shortlist. Our RSS feed is one of the 100 most popular RSS news feeds on Livejournal. This site runs primarily on decrepit Perl that was hacked apart on outdated computers and dial-up connections, and one point had simultaneously updated French and German versions.


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  1. vonbourbon

    That’s great news, S!!! Well done!! x

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