Hugh Laurie, come home!

Written by Rebecca Davis of The Telegraph

Much as I don’t begrudge him his stateside success with House and, now, Hollywood blockbuster Street Kings (in which he plays a grisled police captain alongside Forest Whitaker and Keanu Reeves), I do miss the larkish charm that he brought to TV programmes like Jeeves and Wooster and Blackadder.

No-one else can do English upper-class nincompoop quite like Laurie, even if he has proved he can ‘do serious’ and has mastered an American accent convincing enough to fool Americans.

Perhaps I’m being a bit overly nostalgic, but Laurie himself recently complained that England has turned its back on him and that that he would love to work with Stephen Fry again. To which I say, come home, Hugh, and take on P.G. Wodehouse once more!

I don’t expect that this will happen any time soon; Laurie says he’ll be moving his family to the US if the success of House continues, and this seems very likely.

But perhaps by the time he tires of LA, both he and Fry will be old enough to play the principal characters in The Blandings Castle series. They could even reverse their societal roles this time, with Fry as Lord Emsworth and Laurie his trusty butler, Beach.

Then and only then will cosy Sunday nights in front of the telly be restored to their former glory.

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2 responses to “Hugh Laurie, come home!

  1. Nancy

    You have very good taste. We ADORE Hugh here in the states and will not give him up easily.
    Mostly, we just want him to be happy.
    Perhaps he is just doing HOUSE so that he will be financially secure for the rest of his life and he will come back to the U.K. after the run of HOUSE. Whatever happens, we will NEVER forget him.


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