Cape Town Fish Market

Just a quick note about the Cape Town Fish Market in Carnaby – even though it’s dubbed “South Africa’s Finest Sea Restaurant”.

I’d walked past this restaurant several times, being drawn to it by my fish-fiend nature, but equally deterred from it by the lavish (read:expensive) appearance and menu. Feeling a little flush, I decided to try it out a couple of weeks ago on a night out with a friend.

The restaurant essentially serves seafood in every form imaginable under the sun. Moules marinaire, sushi, surf and turf, and good old cod and chips. My friend plumped for the moules and salmon teryaki, while I went for the tapas-style selection of ecclectic plates (miso mussels, fish cakes, and sashimi were among my choices). Everything was fresh, cooked just right, and bloody gorgeous to eat. We were served by a delightful young Australian guy, and were put in a great location between a window overlooking Argyll Street and a colourful waterfall installation. It did indeed feel lavish, but not as pricy as I’d expected. We also drank a round of Sake followed by a couple of digestifs, and including tip, the bill didn’t come to more than £30 a head. Fantastic! But dangerous, as I now want to return there. Often.

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