Simply Syndicated

I’ve recently been delving into podcast world, and a series of feeds that has caught my attention is Simply Syndicated. Two in particular have caught my ear – do you think that’s just bollocks, and The Definitive Word – although they do have more topical on topics such as Albums you should hear, and Star Trek. The casts are largely hosted by a group of friends in Leeds (and therefore the talk is peppered with nostalgia for me), who seem to be giving us a fly-on-the-wall listening of their discussions.

The two I’ve subscribed to are fairly rant/discussion driven, and cover a variety of topics from the Simpsons to Royal Mail, in a timeframe long enough to explore the subject matter without becoming too tedious. It’s become a good winding-down activity at the end of the day, and good for a giggle as well as thought, and a bunch of stuff to google.

Each show has it’s own forum – which I keep meaning to sign up to – and the “presenters” get quite involved in discussions there, even taking show topics from posters’ suggestions. The whole thing has a great geeky community feel to it!

Incase you’re interested, the other podcasts I’ve become a regular listener of are:

  • Friday night comedy from BBC Radio 4
  • Les infos en francais
  • Stephen Fry’s Podgrams

I’m still browsing iTunes for new additions.

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