Crystal Castles Creative Commons…Conundrum

Crystal Castles have been accused of stealing music and artwork (by abusing creative commons licenses) for their own songs. Here are some sources.


Read more about this at, where Trevor Brown, whose images were allegedly plagarised, left the following statement:

if anyone’s feeling restless i think a constructive course of action would be to storm the nine inch nails web sites, sending letters and starting threads on the forums exposing crystal castles disregard for the creative commons license

Trent Reznor is a strong supporter of the license and inviting these kiddies on tour with him is, erm, somewhat incongruous?! – enough noise needs to be made about this to force mr reznor to do doing something about it (or look a fool)

failing that, at least get the little music thieves booed off the stage – their extreme arrogance can’t stand humiliation – it’d be beautiful : )

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