A lot of bands I don’t-love-but-like are in town over the summer, which is leading to a lot of umming and ahing:

Autolux – June 2 – Cargo. They were great when I saw them live in the tiny ICA in December. Would it be a repeat experience? I’m not sure I could top watching the gig standing next to PJ Harvey, and Shoreditch is so far away.

Melt-Banana – June 16 and 25 – ULU and The Garage. I got into this lot when I was at University. Their sound is really interesting, and I’d like to see how they translate in a live context. A whole hour of their noise could have me reaching for the aspirin, though I thought this of Skinny Puppy and was surprised by what I saw in the end.

We Are Scientists – July 15 – Somerset House – One of the very few bands of the Youth of Today that I actually like. They’re pretty good live, and I’m familiar with most of what they’ve put out. But I don’t like big venues, and while Somerset House isn’t massive, the fact that it’s outdoor would make it feel that way.

Butthole Surfers –  July 26- The Forum – A fun band that remind me of the 90s. I’m familiar with their music, and like it, but I’d probably be out of my comfort zone in a venue I’ve never been in with a dubious crowd.

Billy Idol – July 31 – Brixton Academy – Great memories of dancing to his music in nightclubs. However, that’s really the only way I know his music, and I hate going to gigs where I don’t know the music. But it’s The Billy Idol….

The fact that I’m seeing my two favourites this summer makes these bands seem even less worthy.

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