Street and Studio: An Urban History of Photography

About a week ago now, I headed up to the Tate Modern to see their latest featured exhibition – Street and Studio: An Urban History of Photography.

It’s taken me so long to write anything up about this because, to be honest, the show was a bit of a letdown. It was a bit too full of uninspired shots that had just been thrown in for an antiquated look, and oh-we’re-in-the-Tate-Modern-let’s-put-an-installation-in-here wall fillers. There were a couple of interesting pieces, like Philippe Halsman’s Jump shots, and a series of captioned images which hid the subjects’ eyes behind pieces of superimposed white card, but it still feels like an incredibly rushed presentation (they couldn’t have found a better Lee Miller shot?).  It’s a little embarassing that some of the submitted amateur shots from the accompanying Flickr contest are better than those on display.

If you have the time and £10 to spare, do go along and view the sparse diamonds in the rough. Else, save your money for this autumn’s Rothko and Bacon exhibits.

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