Luardos of Whitecross Street

Working in Clerkenwell, I get to choose my lunch from a huge variety of delis, takeaways, and sushi restaurants, as well the fantastic Whitecross Street Food Market, which offers freshly cooked dishes from all over the world – pastas, Thai curries, and Jamaican patties to name a few.

There’d been a lot of office buzz about a blue burrito stole that served up something “better than you can get in Mexico”, but every time I’d go looking for it the elusive blue caravan was nowhere to be found.  Until today.

The menu is simple – you have your typical burrito ingredients, and a choice of meats, and you get to mix and match as you please.  I went for the chicken, and scoffed it down so quickly that I didn’t mind the extra chilli I had accidentally asked for – or the kidney bean juice I would have to take my keyboard to the sink to clean off.  £4.50 is a bit more than I usually spend on my lunch, but I can probably swing the occasional treat for my tastebuds (and punishment for my pocket) if it’s this good every time.

(p.s. the photo is a lie – whitecross street is NEVER that quiet!)

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