Safety Risk?

On the tube to Clapham Common yesterday, I heard an annoucement that said “Please be aware that flash photography is not permitted on the tube”.

Apparently it’s been cause for discussion for some time. Bit ridiculous, as long as you’re not pointing it directly at the conductor.


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2 responses to “Safety Risk?

  1. Tim

    Signs to this effect have been up all over the Underground for years. I’ve heard similar announcements from station staff when tourists have taken flash pics on platforms (which is the only place it’s always banned). I guess a ban is the only way that they can ensure that no dim-witted tourist is taking pictures as a train approaches; which, let’s face it, is the money shot from a platform anyway.

  2. jen

    When a grumpy tube driver came over the tannoy once to say exactly that a couple of years ago, he said it was because it blinded the tube drivers as they come out of the dark of the tunnel.

    Not sure why exactly that’s a problem, it’s not like they’re going to turn the steering wheel and crash into the wall…

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