Alex Dewars

For the past five years, Alex Dewars has painted for commission, pleasure, and dedication to his art. Since graduating in 2003 from Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art, he has – quite unusually for an artist of his generation – been able to work largely unsubsidised for the majority of his career. He is building a strong following online and in the UK, with his work shown at the Leith Gallery, the Affordable Art Fair, and several Art Exposure shows.

His work carries a sense of beauty and melancholy, along with the ethereal passion of his surroundings. Choosing figure painting as his primary medium, Alex is not out to shock or be “revolutionary”; his work speaks for itself – moving, thought-provoking insights into behaviours and relationships through a sideways glance, clasp of hands, or bow of head. He understands body politics and what we reveal about ourselves subconsciously.

You can contact Alex directly to discuss a painting at

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