International Summer Fancies

One thing I couldn’t explore in my brief for my last Flisolo article was the potential to go on a lot of short breaks – not just internationally but overseas, and at ridiculously bargainous prices.  I’ve taken the Eurostar across to Paris almost every year since my teens, and made a super cheap trip over to Prague in 2005, but still have so much more of the continent to explore.

Few Brits get much further than France, Amsterdam or the Spanish Coast over the summer, and perhaps there’s no need to for some of us, but even as far away as Marrakech or Budapest, you can enjoy the rich bitch feeling of waking up in your own bed and dining somewhere faraway and unknown – all on a shoestring budget.  Which comes in handy in this financial climate – Ex-Soviet cities like Ljubljana in Slovenia (which I have been meaning to visit for years now) and Dubrovnik in Croatia aren’t yet signed up to the Euro, meaning the old Sterling still goes a long way.

With another bank holiday coming up at the start of August (I’m not going to even think of one at the end of the month, so close to my Philadelphia trip), and in spite of my recent houshunting, another visit to the Mainland should be both affordable and feasible…but where?

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