Gary Numan-inspired exhibition opens

Stolen from a myspace bulletin:

An interactive installation by Jacquie Boyd

‘The Jack that Didn’t Fit in the Box’ marks a massive change in direction for artist Jacquie Boyd, an exercise in self- analysis leading to the recognition of, and the subsequent release from, self imposed restrictions in her life and career.
Her first major solo show, an interactive multi media exhibition opens at Customs House in South Shields, near Newcastle Upon Tyne, on 18th July and running through until 17th August

Numan fans will recognise many of the images in Jacquie’s paintings, a huge Numan fan herself, she has drawn hugely on the influence of the Replicas artwork and uses lyrics as titles for her many of her paintings.

Originally starting her career in advertising and teaching, Jacquie found herself at breaking point in 2004, when she moved into her first artists studio space during a massively chaotic time in her working and personal life.

The project began with the creation of a series of boxes which have served as sketchbooks for the finished paintings, in which Jacquie analyses her own Catholic childhood, the need for personal space, the idea of breaking away from organised thought and routines and a dark and compelling look at the madness of religious rituals.

The exhibition includes a series of 19 oil paintings, the original box ‘sketchbooks’, an installation of hundreds of teenage dolls and a video installation using music by Numan collaborator Rico. The exhibition also uses interactive Loop technology to link to Bluetooth devices in the vicinity to send exhibition and artist information and links. The public are involved in making anonymous ‘confessions’ which appear in the video.

The paintings will be for sale at the end of the exhibition and limited edition prints will be available to order.

For more information and images see www. myspace. com/jacquieboyd

Jacquie would love to see some of you at the exhibition, and hopes you will enjoy her work.

THE JACK THAT DIDN’T FIT IN THE BOX previews on 18th July and opens to the public from 19th July until 17th August, Sandford Goudie Gallery, Customs House, Mill Dam, South Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE33 1ES

Please contact Jacquie through her Myspace for preview invitations.

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