Net Firms’ music pirates deal

Six of the UK’s biggest net providers are believed to be backing a government plan to tackle music piracy online.

I am fuming – perhaps irrationally as this is technically stealing music, but it is being proven that in the greater scheme of things filesharing is harmless and does a lot of good for the artist, and puts the industry back in the hands of the musicians and…..fuck it, I’m too angry


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3 responses to “Net Firms’ music pirates deal

  1. I don’t think this will necessarily mean anything. While these ISPs have agreed to send warning letters, this is simply to cover their own asses. It’s due diligence to show that they’re not supporting theft, and keep themselves from getting sued or actioned further. Some have already gone to great pains to claim they would not actually hand over the names of downloaders.

    But I guess we’ll see.

  2. owinn

    Ergh not this shit again. Well I look forward to my letter.

  3. I hope they publish a list of which ISPs are involved, so that I can not sign up to one of them come September

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