Am I becoming Tory Girl?

First these wonderful proposals:

  • I will fight for London’s rail commuters and campaign for longer trains, more frequent services and Oyster at all stations.
  • The bendy bus is unsuitable for London’s streets, they are twice as dangerous as non-articulated buses and have almost three times the rate of fare evasion. I will phase out bendy buses and run a new competition to find a 21st century Routemaster that has full disabled access, runs on clean fuel and has conductors.
  • I will introduce live, interactive bus tracking so you can see where your bus is and avoid long waits at the bus stop.

And now Boris wants all working Londoners to be paid a minimum of £7.45 an hour.

Hopefully a bit more effort will be put into this one than the Booze ban?  I still see people drinking on the train without care.


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2 responses to “Am I becoming Tory Girl?

  1. As a “Colonist”, I’m a bit lost. What is a “Tory Girl”? We don’t use that expression here in the US…

  2. “Tory” is short for “Conservative Party” – one of our political parties here in the UK. “Tory Boy” is the name of a sketch by Harry Enfield – youtube it!

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