Sandwiches Unwrapped

So, according to the latest episode of Dispatches, we are being lied to from every corner of the lunch market.  Cheap delis serve reconstituted meats, Pret a Manger (the website has a plain e so I will too) and Subway sell food with dangerously high levels of salt and fat in them (more salt in a meatball marinara than 9 packets of crisps) and street vendors/restaurants are free to put as much fat, seasoning, and processed GM food in their meals.  In the one-hour lunch society, is our only option to starve through it?  If we can’t even blend some fruit together before heading out in the morning (although 10 whole grams of fructose is hardly worth having a hypoglycaemic fit over), should we be demanding more hours in the day?  Should we make like the French and work 10-7, just to fit it all in?

Because of that ovary thing, I scan the Pret a Manger and Nusa Kitchen websites before lunch every day to see what I can have, and even I was surprised to see that my favourite crayfish and rocket sandwich had massive amounts of starch and sodium in it.

Perhaps the real question is are we too naive to assume that just because something is “home made” or “real” that it’s virtuous all-round?  Sushi and vegan food for the rest of the week, then?  Surely you can’t muck up an organic vegetable soup or a piece of raw salmon….right?

Here’s what I had for lunch today (from Pret)

Pea & Pancetta Risotto

Sesame Free
GM Free
Gluten Free
Wheat Free
Egg Free

Energy Values (kcal) per pack 214
Protein (g) per pack 8.0
Carbohydrate (g) per pack 13.1
– of which sugars(g) 5.0
Fat (g) per pack 14.4
– of which saturates (g) 5.7
Dietary Fibre (g) per pack 12.1
Sodium (g) per pack 0.9715
Average weight (g) per pack 335

Only 214 calories and 13g of carbs in a whole meal?  AND it’s gluten free?  hmm.

The silver lining from this story: the US versions of Pret a Manger and Subway are even worse crimes against nutrition!

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