My Old Dutch Pancake House

In a scramble to find something to quench my crepe-y needs, I came across the website for My Old Dutch Pancake House in Holborn – a restaurant I’ve gone past on the bus at least once a week, but never noticed.  As Mauritian heritage is part Dutch – they being one of the many nations to colonise the white-flag-waving country, it seemed like an ideal place to take the Mother Unit for lunch.

The concept is simple – traditional Dutch starters (a lot of meat and fried cheese, apparently) and crepes sweet and savoury, stuffed with everything under the sun – from ratatouille to a seafood feast, apple crumble to liqueur.  Food is served on a massive – and full – 12 inch plate, whether it be a main or dessert, which makes it a fantastic restaurant for sharing and tasting.

DSC00426My Old Dutch Pancakes

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One response to “My Old Dutch Pancake House

  1. My Old Dutch holds a special place for me as we used to have special family celebrations there. Strangely instead of sharing I tended to view the size as a challenge: trying to eat a whole savoury one and still have room for an ice cream pancake for dessert…

    On a more helpful note, there is also a My Old Dutch restaurant in Ealing if you happen to be out that way.

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