Three Things: Bah Bumhug

With age comes cynicism, so here we go:

I got on a bus at Westminster today, heading towards, and terminating at, Aldwych.  The bus driver zoomed past the bus stop at Aldwych – which is a three-lane one-way semicircle, for those of you unaware – and stops at the bus stand, on the other side of the road, before letting passengers off.  As the bus only has doors on one end, the passengers – including a bunch of bewildered tourists and two tiny old ladies – were forced to get out in the middle of three lane traffic and dash across to Kingsway without being killed.

I also went to the Old Truman’s Brewery today – the first time I’ve ever been on a weekend when there hasn’t been a big exhibition on.  I went into Absolute Vintage, looking for some vintage clothing.  There was none, unless you count the 80s (which as someone who wrote their dissertation on historic fashion, I don’t).  No frame bags, no non-nylon dresses, but 30s jazz coming out of the speakers.  Very confusing.  I have also now seen enough cowboy boots to last me a lifetime.  The rest of the area was a little uninspiring too – apparently second-hand Atticus clothing and t-shirts with bullshit printed on them are cutting-edge now.

Absolute Vintage

On the way back, I visited Lamb Street, to pop into the now flagship store of what has been one of my favourite retailers for years – FairyGothMother.  Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.  Now that their Camden store has shut down, I expected there to be a far wider range of stock in the Spitafields shop, and so was surprised to see a tiny range of corsets (less than 10 underbust styles, which is what I went there for in the first place) and a mere sprinkling of clothing.  Their tried and tested collection had been severely downsized to make way for a hugely overpriced lingerie collection (£175 for a silk slip? No thanks!) and unnecessarily repetitive varieties of girdles and waist cinchers, which can be bought a lot cheaply just down the road, and to a more authentic pattern too.  They have been increasingly trying to pander to the purse-belt-as-accessory crowd over the past couple of years, which is a shame.

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