Three Things: English stuff

  • The Tory idea to build a North-South rail link in place of a third runway at Heathrow was announced. More competition means bringing down the cost of national rail travel – excellent! Currently cheap tickets up north sell out faster than Oasis shows, so the increase in variety will be very welcome. And who needs more flights around the planet? Better inter-city transport links will help prevent London from buckling under the weight of its population.  This and the fact that the leader looks like one of my old English teachers is making for a very persuasive argument…
  • A new government division to protect children from the dangers of the internet was launched last week. What? This isn’t my job, these aren’t my kids, so why am I paying for it? Surely it’s the parent’s role to do this, and if need be, just take your kid off the internet. Apparently this is because the internet has no watershed, but this obviously isn’t a problem for the thousands of kids that have televisions in their own bedrooms. If you can’t be bothered to look after your children … *grumble grumble*
  • The Orange Rockcorps were pulled off last weekend, despite the fact Busta Rhymes almost didn’t make the show because he was arrested following “unresolved convictions in the US.  The deal was to do 4 hours of community service for a free gig ticket to see “the best bands around”.  Apparently.

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