Rock-a-Fire NINsplosion!

A few weeks ago, ItsJustDave, of ETS and weird late-night drinks fame, spearheaded a drive to make a Nine Inch Nails song the next Rock-a-Fire Explosion project.  It seems the creator of the US puppet show has been taking bids to choreograph furry music videos to various songs.  Here’s a selection of what’s been done so far

Currently the ETS entry is the highest bidder with $400 and counting, and this message is on the Rock-a-Fire front page:

Alert!!  Nine Inch Nails group of 19 people (and growing) has formed the largest group effort to date to bid on the production of a show!  I greatly appreciate their group efforts and hope this is an inspiration to other fan groups so that this fan bidding endeavor may someday become a financially viable venture!  This is now the most generously fan bid song of all time!  And, from my perspective, not having known too much about Nine Inch Nails up to now, makes quite a statement about the loyalty of their fans!

Ok, it’s a frivolous exploit, but fun, and a testament to how dedicated this bunch are (see also: The NIN Hotline’s March Madness drive).  Want to be a part of it?  Read this post and throw in your contribution!

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