Interview: When the going gets tough…

So, I just bought a flat in the middle of the credit crisis – in fact, I just spent my first night there yesterday.  It’s not as crazy as it sounds – my mortgage is less than renting in the area, the property, area, and price wouldn’t have been seen together on a “normal” day, and if I’m forced to move out, I can always rent it to someone.  It’s still something of an irregular choice, which is why it piqued a little bit of media interest from The Daily Telegraph.


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3 responses to “Interview: When the going gets tough…

  1. Ooh, wow. You were remarkably smart and fortunate to get the deal that you did. Didn’t realise it was so sexy (put pics on LJ!). Fred & I are going to do the exact same thing in a year, the SoCal market is in the same state.

  2. I’ll take some pics tonight – it has no furniture, except for a bed right now!

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