Room 101: BT

I filed another complaint today!

I phoned last night and was told that my line would be activated today.  I phoned today, and apparently the line was cancelled on the 22nd (for the second time) because I hadn’t paid my deposit.  £50 came out of my account in preparation for my line being activated the first time round on the 15th.  I have already paid my deposit, and do not need to pay again.

Today I was told that a THIRD account had to be opened and a THIRD installation date had to be set.  I will now have been waiting for two weeks – and counting! – from the original installation date.

PLEASE can you get someone to ring me back on 07********** – ideally Melissa Donaldson, and preferably someone from the UK – I’ve spoken to about 6 people in foreign call centres now who keep asking me to repeat details because they don’t understand, and tell me completely different things.

The only reason I have a BT line is so that I can get broadband, and my internet providers are also being left hanging as a result of this.  Furthermore, I am unable to work from home, as I need the internet to do my job.  Please contact me ASAP

Thank you,

If all the good internet companies (I’m going for o2) didn’t rely on BT, I wouldn’t touch them with a stick.

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