The Alll-Seeing Eye

As one of my routes home from work now requires passing the BFI Southbank, I decided to wander in on Wednesday, to visit the new Michel Gondry/Pierre Bismuth exhibition in the tiny gallery there.  It’s a work exploring memory and orientation – the viewer sits in a darkened room, with a projection circling them of a room with various objects that increase in number, duplicate, and disappear sporadically.  The only consistent thing – and the only aural thing – in the “room” is a TV showing the pair’s last work, the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  The piece is both a great memory trick and a sensory confusion, similar to something I saw at the Centre Pompidou in 2006 (and for the Google of me I can’t find the name of).  Where am I? Is that real? Where did it go? Can I trust my judgement?  To get to the exhibition room, you must walk through a pitch black corridor and find your way in and out.  Which is a bit of an old trick, but justified here.

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