For some reason or other, the media has decided to resurrect the story of pop music being used for torture in Guantanamo Bay.  Yes, it’s quite hypocritical that those who condemned it are using it as a vice, and it may seem that this may be the one instance that “stealing” music (artistic theft) can’t be punished.  However, one organisation, Reprieve, are trying to break through that.  They have launched a Zerodb campaign that was launched today by legal charity Reprieve which represents over 30 prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. Many of Reprieve’s clients – and hundreds more held in US secret prisons across the world – have been subjected to deafening music played for hours, days and often months on end in order to ‘break’ them.

Zero dB aims to stop torture music by encouraging widespread condemnation of the practice and by calling on governments and the UN to uphold and enforce the Convention Against Torture and other relevant treaties.

The petition lives here.

I am the sort of person that would pay to listen to most of the artists used for torture in Guantanamo Bay, and I have signed.

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