Here’s some crap I wrote 6 months ago when I couldn’t sleep

And I just found whilst clearing out my Drafts folder.

“To give a text an Author is to impose a limit on that text” – there is no more definition, certain way it can be heard, certain thing it means. It explodes the concept of meaning.

“text is a tissue [or fabric] of quotations,” Most prominent with multitracks – the sound of one guitar, the juxtaposition of two instruments, the order in which we hear sounds are all actions and writings themselves. Here the listener is granted access to the alphabet, to the pen itself, and allowed to rewrite the grammatical rules and create his own aural “language”.

drawn from “innumerable centers of culture,” a text is a product of infinite layers of predisposed meaning. Multitracks bring us back to the raw material of this meaning, and allows the opportunity to grant sounds a new history.

“a text’s unity lies not in its origins,” or its creator, “but in its destination,” two-fold. the listener becomes the one who creates meaning – by listening to a piece of music, and creating his own story/context for the piece, but also by taking the music and manipulating it to make sense from his perspective. this opens up a dialogue between creator-receptor and receptor-creator, and receptor.

the author is expelled for the sake of intellectual egality.

it is the potential for the creation of anything through the destruction of everything

“Refusing to assign a ‘secret,’ ultimate meaning” to text “liberates what may be called an anti-theological activity, an activity that is truly revolutionary since to refuse meaning is, in the end, to refuse God and his hypostases—reason, science, law.”

In the creative field, the author can only ever be the “object of appropriation” – a filtered “Knowing” of the origin of a text.


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2 responses to “Here’s some crap I wrote 6 months ago when I couldn’t sleep

  1. Jimmy Bermondsey

    You should take sleeping pills if this is what happens when you stay awake!

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