Festivals bow to fan pressure

A democratic process or getting away from the hippie heart of festivals?

from BBC:

The organisers of the Download and Wireless music festivals say they are giving fans more say in how the events are being run.

Live Nation is to introduce a range of new measures at this year’s Download, set for Donington Park on 12-14 June, after feedback from online forums.

They include cutting the distance between stages and campgrounds and improving the toilet facilities.

Fans applauded a disabled camping area, which will return this summer.

The promoters, who also have a hand in T in the Park and the Reading and Leeds festivals, say they now plan on rolling the forums out to include fans at each of the events.

Vice-president of music at Live Nation, Andy Copping, said: “Our festival partners have looked at how we’ve adapted and moved forward with Download and now want to use those same systems and set up forums specific to each festival.”

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4 responses to “Festivals bow to fan pressure

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  2. Oh, I only do one thing at at time. I suppose I’m just greedy!

  3. danmihalache

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