Stephen Fry on Digital Copyright

I was unable to attend Stephen Fry’s Meet the Author talk at the Apple store on Regent Street last week because of the snow, but I was able to tweet my question to his PA. The show was podcasted, and when listening to it last night, I noticed that my question was asked and answered during the Q&A:


19:43: Q: What’s your view on creative commons and mashups?

I’m not that excited about my copyrights. If someone steals whole wodges of my work my publishers would be annoyed, and I’d say “oh golly” but I’m in a profession that’s overpaid, overpampered and if a small percentage gets leaked away, well, tough quite frankly.” – Talking about DRM. “What happened when philips introduced the cassette? Record sales went up.”

19:45: “Yes, I have pirated software, and I will admit it. All of you have, somewhere along the line, I bet you have, but you’ve also bought a hell of a lot too. You’re not just a pirate, or a citizen. If the creative industry creates too much of this, saying “you’re a thief”! People will just say, “oh fuck off.” and laugh at them in their Rolls Royce. What they need to do is use the creativity which supposedly got them in that place to begin with. There will still be an incentive to respect those copyrights, but also a way to pass it round without having it locked in.

Semi-transcript from here

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