The Express Wins the Race to the Bottom

From Graham Linehan’s blog:

Paula is the journalist who thought it was well past time that the survivors of the Dunblane massacre were given a tabloid punching. To that end, she befriended a group of them on Facebook and collated their photographs and comments. Clearly aware of the legal guidelines in place to protect those under eighteen against invasion of privacy (and the specific instructions that the Press Complaints Commission issued regarding the Dunblane children), she waited until they hit eighteen. Then she wrote this.

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How dare these 18 year olds have a drink and swear and boast a bit? That’s really the angle of her story?

It’s clearly digging around for dirt, and making a mountain out of the little that was there. It’s disgusting journalism to start with, and I’m surprised the piece got approved for pubication in the first place. Wouldn’t most journalists approach the victims openly, and write a piece on how well they’re doing in spite of their trauma?

Also worth reading:’s satirical commentary

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