Things: Not Music

This blog has been a bit music-heavy in the past few weeks, so here’s something from…everywhere else!

Advertising: Working with brand identities during the day, it’s fast becoming apparent that 90% of the news is advertising. Studies, revelations, tragedies – they’re all there to promote an organisation or a product. I’ve always been cynical of the news, but the extent to which I should be is staggering.

Art: The Rodchenko and Popova exhibit at the Tate Modern is very much worth seeing. If you’re interested in film (they did the posters for a lot of the Cine-eye films), communism, post-modern art, merchandising, or history, it will be an intensely interesting show to visit.

Food: Marks and Spencer’s Vanilla Soy Milk. Try it. It’s fantastic.

Travel: As implied above, I am off out of the country in a few months, visiting the Benelux region to indulge in crepes, music (whoops!), and yet more art – Extremely excited to see the Museum district of Amsterdam, and the new Magritte Museum in Belgium. Travelling into Europe when the exchange rate is this poor may not be a good idea, but the proposed cocktail of activities was too attractive to pass up. Berlin shall sit on the back burner. Hopefully South East Asia/Australasia will beckon before the end of the year. 2010 holds a trip to the motherland, and one other Francophone adventure

Television: Argumental has quickly become one of my favourite TV shows. Marcus Brigstocke does almost single-handedly carry the show, but his brand of Blackadder-descended cyncism is something I revel in. Also, why must America not air its sitcoms for no good reason several times during a season?

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